Landscape window Reißeck in the Mölltal valley

Associated persons Daniel Zollner, Michael Jungmeier, Hanns Kirchmeir, Stefan Lieb
Clients Gemeinde Reißeck; supported by: Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft und Arge NATURSCHUTZ
Regions Austria
Year 2005

The “landscape window” is an analysis method whereby the connections between landscape and regional development are examined by means of scenario creation. Looking into the past and analysing the present situation open up the spectrum of possibilities which will be available to the region in future. Viewers have the same experiences as they would when leafing through a family photo album: changes which occur over a longer period of time and which have hardly been noticed suddenly become evident and can thus also be discussed. Using this method, the course of the future landscape development in the municipality of Reißeck is to be analysed. By means of comparing the landscape of the past (1830), the present (2006) and the future (scenario 2036), problems and chances were identified and discussed together with the citizens and ideas for supporting sustainable development on the municipal level were collected.