Staging for the Karavanke Geopark

Associated persons Anna Kovarovics, Elisabeth Kreimer
Clients Geopark Karawanken
Regions Austria
Year 2012

The Karavanke Geopark wishes to offer visitors a variety of ways in which the Karavanke Mountains can be brought to life. Topics such as the geological history of the region, the different minerals in the Karavanke, the Periadriatic Seam or the history of mining will be conveyed through environmental education offerings.

E.C.O. was commissioned to put together a concept for staging the relevant themes in the Karavanke Geopark, and to compile quality and selection criteria for the information points. As a first step, quality criteria were prepared for information points in order to enable these to be evaluated. In addition, during several discussions with those involved different options were developed for making the visitors centre at the Karavanke Geopark an interactive information centre. Concepts for presenting the Periadriatic Seam and suggestions for further environmental education offerings in the Geopark were also developed, and in this way a harmonious staging for the Karavanke Geopark was designed.