Soil as a Resource. Land use plans for sustainable agriculture and regional development in Georgia

Associated persons Daniel Zollner, Anneliese Fuchs, Maxim Grigull
Clients Regional Environmental Center (REC) for the Caucasus
Regions Georgia
Year 2019

Land resources are the foundation for food security, sustainable livelihoods and economic growth in Georgia. Achieving the global vision of zero net loss of healthy and productive land requires actions measures on the ground. Georgia is one of 100 countries com¬mitted to define national LDN targets and an implementation strategy. The project “Generating Economic and Environmental Benefits from Sustainable Land Management for Vulnerable Rural Communities of Georgia” financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) aims to develop new sustainable land management (SLM) systems at both the commune and farmer plot level that integrate climate-smart agricultural production, food security and resilience and thereby contribute to Georgia’s objectives for Land Degradation Neutrality.

E.C.O. is commissioned to prepare four integrated land-use plans for sustainable agriculture and rural development and to support the elaboration of at least 16 pilot project proposals on land restoration and SLM practices to meet sustainable and green agriculture in the municipalities of Gori, Kareli, Kvareli and Sagarejo (each 1000-2500km2).