5-country biosphere park Mur-Drava-Danube. Coordination, monitoring, submission of UNESCO documents

Associated persons Daniel Zollner, Lisa Wolf, Vanessa Berger, Anneliese Fuchs
Clients Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, Austrian MAB National Committee and WWF Austria
Regions Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia
Year 2019

Based on the preliminary work of the Interreg project coop MDD (May 2019; client: WWF Austria) the UNESCO documents for the submission of the planned transboundary biosphere reserve were to be completed. E.C.O. coordinated and accompanied representatives from all participating countries (AT-HR-HU-RS-SI) and prepared relevant data and information to finalise the Nomination Form for the submission to UNESCO. A map (shape file) of the biosphere reserve was also prepared to show the exact zoning; one of the essential elements of the submission.