Reed-monitoring and UAV-flight inside Naturepark Heidereichsteiner Moor

Associated persons Hecke
Clients Nature Park Heidenreichsteiner Moor
Regions Austria
Year 2016

Situated in the northern Waldviertel, the nature Park Heidenreichsteinermoor was implemented in 1989 and meanwhile became part of a natur-2000-site and a Ramsar-site. Originally supplied with rainwater the raised bog was heavily degraded following human interactions (mainly peat extraction and the construction of a logging road accompanied by drainage measures., Until 2019, comprehensive renaturation measures are planned to counteract this negative progress. E.C.O. has been assigned to monitor and document the results of the given measures using high-resolution UAV-images („unmanned aerial vehicle”, commonly known as drone). These images are used to document the bog-protection measures before and after their implementation. Additionally, five monitoring areas were established within the central parts of the hog in order to be able to record the expansion of the reed-species Phragmites australis which -in this case- can be regarded as an indicator of disturbance (plant species not occurring in the area before drainage)