future link 32 Kärnten Mitte

Associated persons Daniel Zollner
Clients Regional development kärnten:mitte
Regions Austria
Year 2016

Comprising 32 municipalities and about 100.000 inhabitants the region kärtnen:mitte represents a relatively heterogenous area. In order to ensure future development, a strong exchange within the region and an explicit linkage to science and research is of essential importance. The project future_link32 is embedded in comprehensive activities facilitating the creation of regional awareness. Besides the focus is set on a successful establishment of connections and combinations of educational-, scientific-, and research institutions with future questions of the local population. In the course of the project the region focuses on the development of scientific ideas and questions which are hollowed out in a first step through pre-scientific work as well as students´ bachelor- or master theses. Due to the regions spatial extension the project will be subdivided into 3 pilot actions which will be progressively implemented.