Vegetation map of Vellach Kotschna

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Arge Südöstliche Kalkalpen e.V., financed by funds of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Youth and Family Affairs, the Office of the Carinthian Government and EU funds (INTERREG II).
Regions Austria
Year 1998

Vellach Kotschna is located in the southernmost part of Austria and is part of the Steiner Alps (south-eastern limestone Alps). In 1959, the wide basin was put under nature protection. To implement the Habitats Directive, the area was nominated as a Natura 2000-site. The current vegetation of the area needs to be documented to develop a concept for the management of the nature preserve. Documentation is compiled with the help of aerial photographs by means of vegetation mapping. Based on the vegetation photos, the diversity of habitats and the multi-faceted natural processes can be recorded. The findings will be used for measures to be implemented in the management of the nature preserve.