Nockberge National Park – Alpine farming and Natura 2000 conflict analysis

Associated persons Michael Jungmeier & Christina Pichler-Koban
Clients Office of the Carinthian Government, Dept. 20 – Spatial planning, subdivision for nature conservation
Regions Austria
Year 2007

The implementation of Natura 2000 creates fierce discussion in the Nockberge mountains. As there is (still) no definite management plan, the actual consequences of Natura 2000 on Alpine farming are still unclear. Therefore, the subjects of protection of Natura 2000 and the Alpine farming measures are compared and evaluated in a risk analysis. The arising picture is presented and explained to the cultivators of the Alpine pastures. In the process of discussion it can be shown that Natura 2000 practically does not go beyond the existing regulations (Alpine zone, nature reserve, national park).