Region Information System Carinthia – biotope mapping of the town and region of Villach

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir
Clients Provincial Government of Carinthia
Regions Austria
Year 2012

The biotope mapping of the town and region of Villach substantially incorporates experiences from many years of mapping activity, but in particular from the projects for the biotope mapping of Salzburg, Pinzgau section (2006-2007, 1100 km²); biotope mapping of the districts of the city and region of Klagenfurt, the redesigned biotope mapping of Carinthia and the compilation of the mapping guidelines and biotope key for Styria.

In 2012 and 2013, 20 communities covering approximately 355 km² are being subdivided into survey units that can be delimited in terms of their natural landscapes and mapped. The process comprises amongst other things the preparation for mapping the terrain, training people to carry out the mapping, the implementation, description and evaluation of the biotope areas, the incorporation of the spatial and non-graphical data into the corresponding provincial databases, and continuous quality control and the final presentation of the results.