Nature Conservation and PR in the Steirische Eisenwurzen Nature Park

Associated persons Hanns Kirchmeir, Tobias Köstl, Daniel Zollner
Clients Steirische Eisenwurzen Nature Park
Regions Austria
Year 2012

The Steirische Eisenwurzen Nature Park is endeavouring to develop its nature conservation agendas, and in 2012 it commissioned E.C.O. with implementing a project coordinated with the regional requirements. In a participative process involving relevant and interested interest groups from the region, areas requiring protection are being surveyed, nature conservation goals are being set and corresponding implementation strategies compiled. With the aid of GIS-supported spatial analysis E.C.O. is compiling the basic principles for the audit of the category II nature conservation area “Wildalpen Salzatal”. Support is being provided to the management of the Nature Park in designing and implementing their PR through various measures (e.g. an exhibition and a book for children).