Nocturnal Life | how lively is the night?

'Lange Nacht der Forschung' (Long Night of Research)

Field trip to the 'Lange Nacht der Forschung' to the Natura 2000 site Lendspitz-Maiernigg in Klagenfurt.
About 50 % of living beings are active at twilight or at night. During a field trip to the Natura 2000 site Lendspitz-Maiernigg in Klagenfurt, we explore what happens during the time that we usually spend in bed or in front of the TV. We learn about different aspects of nocturnal life, the importance of the night for human health and about the light pollution. Good footwear recommended!

Meeting point: 8.30 pm SustainAbility Lab, Lakeside Science & Technology Park, B11-12. In case of questions you are welcome to contact Christina Pichler-Koban via 

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