"Earth Day": Qualifications in Nature Conservation

New newsletter informs about training in nature conservation

"On the occasion of the 50th Earth Day on April 22nd, we present our newsletter in a new format," reports Michael Jungmeier, scientific director of the master's programme "Management of Conservation Areas" at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. The newsletter will inform once a month about current education possibilities in nature conservation. "All international policies and strategies for sustainable development and nature conservation emphasise the importance of education and qualification in nature conservation," said Jungmeier. Nevertheless, specific training opportunities are rare. "We would therefore like to report regularly on the various training opportunities on offer. Interested parties can now subscribe to the new newsletter.

With the new master's programme "Management of Conservation Areas", the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences offers specific training in this area. In cooperation with international development, research, educational and nature conservation institutions, we have developed an education that is unique in Europe. It is aimed at managers and decision-makers of nature and national parks, biosphere reserves, world heritage sites or Natura 2000 sites, for example. "At present, 15 percent of the earth's surface is designated as protected areas. Responsible and good management of these areas is a key to the sustainable development of the planet; therefore this training is closely related to 'Earth Day'," says Michael Jungmeier. The next round of the programme will begin in October 2019 and registration is now open.

The European Parks Academy (EPA) is a summer university in Klagenfurt. Under the motto "Learn, exchange, enjoy" experts from all over the world meet to discuss current trends and developments with high-ranking international lecturers in seminars. This summer (July 15-21), the topics on the agenda are World Heritage Sites and Sustainable Tourism, Ecological Monitoring with Innovative Technologies and the Management of Transboundary Protected Areas. The programme is developed and offered in cooperation with the WCPA/IUCN. The registration deadline is June 15th.

The newsletter will also report on other training courses, such as the training as a nature conservation operator at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, current research results and publications and international developments.

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