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Update March 2021:

We are sorry to inform you that the European Parks Academy will not take place this year, neither in Klagenfurt nor virtually. Due to covid it is very difficult for us to plan ahead. Thus, we decided to take a break.

We will use this year to reflect on the academy as a whole, try to identify ways to improve it and maybe relaunch it differently in 2022.

This decision was not taken lightheartedly as we really enjoyed hosting this event for conservationists worldwide.

In the meantime, we'd like to meet on social media. Let’s connect on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook where we recently share news on our latest projects. We are also interested to learn on what conservation projects you are currently working on. Stay safe!

Best wishes,
the EPA team


Webinars 2020 - watch the recordings

In 2020 the European Parks Academy could not take place in Klagenfurt. Thus, we offered a free webinar series.

WEBINAR 1: Introduction & why you should be part of the academy | Michael Jungmeier (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences) and Andrej Sovinc (WCPA)

WEBINAR 2: ‘Rights that arise in nature conservation’ | Jennifer Kelleher (IUCN)

WEBINAR 3: ‘Capacity Development’ | Eleanor Sterling (Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation) and Mike Appleton (IUCN)

WEBINAR 4: ‘IUCN Green List & Natura 2000’ | Catarina Ferreira (IUCN) and Nadine Seleem (IUCN Green List)

Watch Recording (Webinar 1)

Watch Recording (Webinar 2)

Watch Recording (Webinar 3)

Watch Recording (Webinar 4)